Sunday, September 26, 2004

Bush Nazis raid radio station

Dawn Gable reports: Knoxville First Amendment Radio KFAR 90.9FM. has been raided and equipment confiscated only 3o minutes after the premier of a scheduled weekly 'The Axis of Good' broadcast that discusses the Venezuelan democratization process and its relevance at the Latin American and International levels.

Bolivarian Circles International member Jesus Rivas had introduced his program saying that "many progressive and liberal minded people ask about the (Venezuelan) process ... reliable information on topics or interest regarding the process is difficult to obtain in the United States of America ... especially in English ... so the radio show in English aimed to discuss all types of alternates with Venezuelan music." Jesus Rivas' show, which admittedly has a modest audience, is exactly the kind of grassroots communication that the current US Bush 2 administration does not want between the citizens of the US and Venezuela.

But, in a curious pretext, US FCC authorities acted precipitously on a spurious claim that KFAR 90.9FM was interfering with other frequencies and alleged that the radio station was broadcasting a higher wattage than permitted.

Radio KFAR has denied the accusation and instead draws attention to the fact that the raiding order was signed by an FBI operative known to broadcast personnel and it is possible that the FBI was monitoring KFAR's broadcast when they decided to take prevent transmission. "If the Bush administration wants to 'go Iraq' on Venezuela and fabricate a war with some made up excuse to invade it to loot the country from their wealth, they'll need to make sure they can construe Chavez as an evil dictator with no popular support ... they do have a lot of media paid PR working on that."

Radio KFAR executives are trying to obtain the return of their transmission gear back but so there is no information available from the authorities as to when or if this will happen.


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