Saturday, September 25, 2004

Who is more scary??

The Taliban or that pfat pfool pFalwell?

Easy question. pFalwell is here and now-- the Taliban is somewhere else. Other than that, they are exactly the same. The Taliban had the religious state the pFalwell wants, run by the tenents of a version of the Old Testament Bible, called the Koran. pFalwell has his own version.

pFalwell, says gawd hates gays, and so does he. While most would say that this speaks more to pFalwell's own sexual insecurity than to his religion, he/she/it wants to have his/her/things religious view placed into law through a constitutional admendment. Kinda' like the Taliban would do.

pFalwell, kicked out of Baptist Bible College for a panty raid gone sour, is now the moral voice of the Republican Party. Good for them. They can have spokesmen like the phat pfool, and live with the consequenses. And let's see what those might be.

It might be that the CEO of the Trinity Broadcasting Network would have to pay hush money to his ... er .... ahem ... male friend who was going to go public about their... er ... ah ... friendship.

If you go here you can find 30 organizations of the Log Cabin Republicans themselves -- a goodly number of which are in, Oh-m'gawd ------ Texas, who probably would like to enjoy the rights that other Americans enjoy.

But does the party of the "big tent" want them around. HAHAHAHAH , ya' gotta' be kiddin', right?

Man, this is a great wedge issue that the pfat pfool and his pflakey pfriends can talk about rather than life and death issues like war, poverty, health, and why the world looks at the pfat pfool and bin Laudin and sees absolutely no difference. pFat pFalwell should stick to his pals the pfellowtubbies.

In fact, I challenge you to tell me the difference of living in a state run by the Taliban and the pfat pfool -- bettcha' can't do it.

Someone should buy the pfat pfool a butt plug for xmas. Except he is so anally retentive it would probably be lost forever.


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