Friday, December 10, 2004

Some people are too stupid to be in business

Bass Pro Shops ... the mecca of dead animals in a "museum", hillbilly kisch, redneck trinkets, and Ozark Arts, made out of Cedar wood, has a really neat idea.

Since they can't hold up the city for anymore public funds after the last fisaco with the Dead Animal Museum, they are going to try getting some money out of the state of Missouri.

How?? .. funny you should ask.

By reducing the sales taxes on Bass Boats of course. Something that is really vital to the lives of most people in the world.

Reduce sales taxes on food? Not a chance.

Reduce sales taxes on clothing? Ya' gotta' be kiddin".

Reduce taxes on utility and telephone bills?? HAHAHAHAHAHA ...

Bass boats? Damn bettcha'. This is something that will help a really rich creep sell more stuff.


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