Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The scandel of Christianity

The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience Why don't Christians live what they preach? By Ronald J. Sider

Scandalous behavior is rapidly destroying American Christianity. By their daily activity, most "Christians" regularly commit treason. With their mouths they claim that Jesus is Lord, but with their actions they demonstrate allegiance to money, sex, and self-fulfillment.

The findings in numerous national polls conducted by highly respected pollsters like The Gallup Organization and The Barna Group are simply shocking. "Gallup and Barna," laments evangelical theologian Michael Horton, "Hand us survey after survey demonstrating that evangelical Christians are as likely to embrace lifestyles every bit as hedonistic, materialistic, self-centered, and sexually immoral as the world in general." Divorce is more common among "born-again" Christians than in the general American population. Only 6 percent of evangelicals tithe. White evangelicals are the most likely people to object to neighbors of another race. Josh McDowell has pointed out that the sexual promiscuityof evangelical youth is only a little less outrageous than that of their nonevangelical peers.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please...please...learn how to spell. In terms of literacy, you are the web equivalent of Billy Long.

8:24 PM, March 24, 2005  
Blogger John Stone said...

Accepted .. blogspot has a lousy spell checker ... and I have fat fingers.

Me?? Billy?? Naw ... I don't drive a gas guzzler, talk like Jed on 'roids, or live in a double-wide.

Is I learning what you want yet?

12:50 AM, March 25, 2005  

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