Friday, April 29, 2005

Pope Klink I

What was the job Pope Klink I (or as Brittany would say ... Pee-Kay-Eye) in JP II's (Jay-Pee-Eye-Eye) Vatican? (She is such a maroon)

He was head of the Inquisition. An office that has about as much credibity as the office of the President of the US since 2001. However, it does have slightly less blood on it's hands than the toy-prez, since it only burned up thousand of witches, rather than hundreds of thousands of Musslemen.

Here is General Klink's handbook ... his operations manual ... the Maleodeus Malefictorum.

A second precaution is to be observed, not only at this point but during the whole process, by the Judge and all his assessors; namely, that they must not allow themselves to be touched physically by the witch, especially in any contract of their bare arms or hands; but they must always carry about them some salt consecrated on Palm Sunday and some Blessed Herbs. For these can be enclosed together in Blessed Wax and worn round the neck, as we showed in the Second Part when we discussed the remedies against illnesses and diseases caused by witchcraft; and that these have a wonderful protective virtue is known not only from the testimony of witches, but from the use and practice of the Church, which exorcizes and blesses such objects for this very purpose, as is shown in the ceremony of exorcism when it is said, For the banishing of all the power of the devil, etc

Fortelling the latest rage for bikini waxes in nether regions, or male porn stars, Pee-Kay-Eye is going to do like the guards at Abu Garib in searching witches for contraband. It will be interesting to see if the fags actually like it.

Now in the parts of Germany such shaving, especially of the secret parts, is not generally considered delicate, and therefore we Inquisitors do not use it; but we cause the hair of their head to be cut off, and placing a morsel of Blessed Wax in a cup of Holy Water and invoking the most Holy Trinity, we give it them to drink three times on a fasting stomach, and by the grace of God we have by this means caused many to break their silence. But in other countries the Inquisitors order the witch to be shaved all over her body. And the Inquisitor of Como has informed us that last year, that is, in 1485, he ordered forty-one witches to be burned, after they had been shaved all over. And this was in the district and county of Burbia, commonly called Wormserbad, in the territory of the Archduke of Austria, towards Milan

Read the MM here.


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