Saturday, April 23, 2005

It's still a skank

Voice of WH says Ann Coulter is really Arthur Coltrane, son of hog farmers who had sex change when a teen!

The Voice of the White House

March 7, 2005: “I have heard that Helen Thomas´ colleagues in the White House Press Corps are not taking Ann Coulter´s vicious and typically arrogant pro-Hebrew attack on the dear old lady´s Lebanese ethnicity well - she called Ms. Thomas "that old Arab." The Press Corps do not look kindly on the Ice Queen´s sneering contempt for their colleague, who is a 60-year veteran and who has been a mother figure to everyone since they were greenhorns in the Press Room.

There is a rumor going the rounds of the Press Corps that in real life Ann Coulter is a man. He/she was once Arthur Coltrane from Pickens County, Georgia, who went to Denmark when he/she was a teenager for a sex-change operation to become a woman, the operation being paid for by his/her wealthy and doting mother, Darlene Coltrane, heiress to a hog-farming fortune. The consensus about "Ms." Coulter/Coltrane in the Press Room is that ONLY a gayman could have such a vicious mouth on him/her. People are saying that his/her stunning blond locks are really a wig, which he/she got in a Copenhagen sex-toys and drag-queen supply shop, when his/her own hair fell out after the hormone shots took effect.

Having seen what makeup could do for drag queen Ru Paul, who in real life is a VERY plain-looking black man, no one finds it surprising that "Ms." Ann Coulter/Coltrane would have shunned his/her family hog-farming business for the brighter lights of the big city, since we have heard that without all that Danish foundation cream, he/she might easily have been mistaken for one of the livestock.--


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