Friday, April 08, 2005

Peddling a dog

Billy Long, a local salesman, has what we laughingly call a radio show every morning during drive time. I say laughingly, because it is unbelievable how he can squeeze no fewer than eight small small spots (of about a minute), an "interview" with a sponsor, and a few other goodies like a Pigman update and some news that's not news into a 30 minute segment. Good thing he is an auctioneer and talks at warp 7.

For instance he does "remote shows" from a local hardware store. Which he manages to teach a good lesson. Never believe anything anyone tells you when they are trying to sell something!!!

He started out selling electric space heaters. 1500 watt space heaters to be exact. Said they use no more electricity than your coffeepot. Man, I like java, but 1500 watts will heat my swimming pool.

Now he flogs a Ozone Air Cleaner made by the same company. .. even said he bought one for his elderly mother. Cured all her ails too.... a miracle. My advice was to disconnect the ozone generator and leave her with a fan that she can hear and think that something good is happening, because ozone is a dangerous air pollutant-- not cleaner.

Well, Billy might be wanting some big inheritance, because he didn't listen to me. Apparently he hasn't read the latest issue of Consumer Reports either, because they say these things increase home pollution at the expense of the exposed persons. Read the EPA's evaluation here.

Granted radio station owners have no sense of shame about how they make money. But we can hold Billy personally responsible for what HE does, can't we? It's the old crazy right-wing idea of taking personal responsibility.


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