Monday, March 28, 2005

A conversation in Florida

Cop: Excuse me sir, where are you going?

Man: I am going inside to give Terri communion.

Cop: Are you a priest?

Man: Well, no....

Caop: Are you a member of the family?

Man: No ... not that either....

Cop: Are you a Catholic?

Man: Hell, no ... I am a pround member of the Westboro Baptist Church and Gawd Hates 'dem Commies like Eyeties --- beside did you ever smell their breath? -- I hate anchovies almost as much as much as I hate coons, fags, spics, hebes and Japs. But I love Terri.

Cop: Sir, why are you here?

Man: The Bugman (R-107256 Leavenworth) and his houseboy (R-Billy'sBoyToyRoy) told me to come down here and try to deflect attention from his troubles. My 56 Ford pick-um-up almost didn't make it.

Cop: Sir, Why don't you just go home and try to find a life?

Man: Can my oldest boy, Clyde, he's the youngster here with his mouth taped shut, go in and try to drown Terri with this here plastic cup of water.

Cop: No. And get the hell out of here before I run your red ass off to jail for child abuse.

Man: What are you? Some sort of Agiest?

VOICE FROM HEAVEN: Throw his ass in jail. I'll make sure he stays there.


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