Thursday, April 21, 2005

Springer on Radio

I like Air America radio. You can stream it on the net by going here. Al Franken's show started out a little shaky, but Franken learned fast, and now it is a good, and as well done, as any show on NPR.

Randi Rhodes is just an old pro. She has been around radio for a long time -- and this is one Brooklynite that you don't want to engage in a pissing contest.

Mike Malloy is another old pro and a friend to boot. If
Rush is hard on Democrats ... Malloy is just downright evil toward Republicans.

But a recent surprise is Jerry Springer. That's right - the guy from TV fame - who manages to find the ugliest fat people in the world and have them fight and tear off their clothes in front of a studio audience. (Never misunderestimate the capabilities of some goobers out there to embarrass themselves)(Rule of life: Never get into fights with ugly people -- they have nothing ot lose). Jerry's program on the radio is very, very, good. He is smart, articulate and treats his audience like they were sensible adults. It's worth a listen.


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