Monday, April 25, 2005

Galileo goes back to hell

How interesting. Pope JP II gave a sorta' half-hearted reprive to poor old Galileo, who had the timerity to say that the earth went around the sun, rather than the clear evidence from the Bible and your own eyes that the sun goes around the earth.

Lukewarm -- but better than nothing -- it stopped the snickering at the Catholic Church for awhile.

But Pope Rat I is a different breed of cat. He said in 1990 that Galileo was being "unreasonable" and he was treated "reasonably" by the Church. To bad for the G-man .... back to the demons of hell for that apostate bastard.

Oh yes, he was threatened with torture by the Inquisition, if he didn't recant his loopy ideas about science. Odd, because now the chief mitre-head of the Inquisition is going to dig him up, try him again, cut off his fingers, and throw his body in the Tiber River. (Like one Pope did to his predessor).

Last I heard from NASA it still moves.


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