Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Pigorian Chant

What? You say ....

It's a book actually, and you can read about it and some synopsis HERE.

A few years ago some church types decided that Gregorian Chants were the in thing to do. This was right before they discovered that science from the 14th Century was more fun . And for a short period there were CDs featuring Gregorian Chants galore. I was reminded of this by IAMB at Pooflingers Anomyous who recounts the joys of listening to a solid 24 hours of "Louie, Louie" on a local rock station. And now the tune, but not the lyrics of that masterpiece of musical history have been stolen by the religio-nuts, and evolved into "Pharoh, Pharoh".

But back to Gregorian Chants. They are - well - boring, on several levels. The melody (HAHAHA, can't believe I said that), is less complex than Tuvan Throat Singing, or the octave range of a digery-doo. And of course the words are in Latin. The language of Jesus, Mary and the Howling Ghost. So it is only natural that children can't understand it. So the chants need to be modernized into language that all children will understand while maintaining the more boring aspects of the chant.

The answer?

Pig Latin, of course.

"Ecce Macdonaldus senex, qui fundum habet"


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