Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Israel Getting Us in Trouble Again

Today Iran will announce that it will unseal the new reactor. There is no doubt that this reactor will produce plutonium, and that Iran has the talent and industrial base to produce weapons. The west has been ignored in the pleas to moderate this program, and to allow inspectors in to monitor it.

This is not a new program. Several years ago it became public knowledge, as did the Israeli clear intentions to destroy it. To this end, Israel took American F-16's and modified them in several ways which only can indicate a strike on Iran's reactor. (See a discription of the F-16 I, called the Peace Marble V, HERE).

The Iranians are no dummies, seeing what Israel did to the Iraq reactor in the 1980's. They have located this facility in a very difficult location, and surrounded it with the very latest and best air defenses. In talking with several former US airplane drivers, the general opinion is: if the Israelies launch a strike of twenty F-16 I's, only a couple could get through, and would have to be lucky to actually hit the target.

So ... that will leave it to us and the only thing we have to do it would be a B-2. We will be involved up to our asses anyway it comes down, but a direct attack by US forces could set off a powderkeg not only both in Iran and Iraq, but in our "allies" in the Middle East.

It is another dangerous fallout of the failure of the American Government to pay any attention to diplomacy and to instead to put all it's eggs into the basket of force.


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