Monday, December 26, 2005

Even Colmes can beat up Michael Behe

The wimpiest guy in the pantheon of TV talking heads is Alan Colmes, of Hannity and Colmes. He sits there and lets his intellectual candle shine next to Hannity's verbal bonfires, and never squeaks a note of real dissent. Imagine how surprised I was when he actually burned Michal Behe's ass off (Darwins Black Box, species - ID, variety - finding irreducible complexity in artwork, but not in biology).

See the transcript here:

I swear, if Mt. Rushmore had never been carved Michael Behe would not have a single argument left. And the next time he says, "literally", someone should take him outside and just beat the dog-shit out of him. It doesn't mean what Behe thinks it means.

The best quote:

COLMES: What about any of this is scientific?
BEHE: I'm sorry?
COLMES: What about any of this is scientific?


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