Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Latest Disaster for the US in Iraq

Rummy said that, "... you go to war with the Army ya' got, not the Army ya' want." We can now say that we have to deal with the Iraq "democracy" we got, not the one we want.

Biggest winner: Iran

Next biggest winner: Shite Clerics

Tagging along for purposes of saving face: Sunni Clerics

And the bright spot in the whole mess? Chalabi is out on his ass again. Maybe he can go back to Jordan and try to kiss and make up... he might want to take Pearl and Woofie with him.

This is our cover for getting our ass out of Operation Fucking Disaster. But it won't be easy, and it will be bloody. As any infantryman will tell you, the most dangerous military maneuver is a withdrawal. Remember the chaos at the US Embassy in Saigon in 1975? And what makes this so black is, there is only one exit door out of Iraq open to us -- south. The Turks don't want any part of our screwups --they are going to have plenty of probems with the Kurds in the future and Iran is just sitting there licking it's chops .... Syria??? HAHAHA ... I don't want to be in that convoy.

Imagine various groups planting old artillery shells in the potted palms alongside the highway for the next six months in eager anticipation. It won't be the slaughter like the "Road to Basra" in 1991, but it will be plenty ugly.

The only real alternative is to airlift out the people, code machines and incriminating photos and papers from Abu Garibe; put a thermite grenade down the tube of the artillery, sugar in the gas tanks of the vehicles and let billions of dollars of US assets rot in the desert lagers.

And count on seeing a few burning C-5's on the runways, like in Khe San, 1968.


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