Thursday, December 22, 2005

On Baptist Ministers and Blogs

Anyone who reads this silly blog knows that occasionally I can, and do, unload on the Christian fundamentalists. I can assure you that I have no intention of changing that!

But I have to stop every once in awhile and remind myself that scattered among the crazies like that Pfat Pfool Pfalwell, or Pity-Pat Robertson, and a boatload of locals, are a smattering of those who take the words of Jesus, and not George, very seriously. They do what they can to make not only religious life, but civil life, more bearable to those they pastor. People like the Salvation Army, or Sister Lorainne's Kitchen realize that salvation of souls is fine, but taking care of the dead really doesn't mean anything unless you are willing to take care of the living first.

I found one of these rare people on blogspot of all places. Bruce Prescott from Norman, OK, who authors the blog, "Mainstream Baptist". His thoughts are well worth reading and bookmarking. He is articulate, his thoughts are testament to his religion, and ... to cap it all off he has an earned doctorate, rather than one of those $10 certificates that most of the Doc Yaks that have churches around here have, and demand that they be addressed with the honorific (or is it the horrorific?).

I come from a long line of Baptists. My favorite Uncle is a retired Baptist minister in the Phoenix area. One of my childhood chums is a Baptist minister int he Atlanta area (he has an earned doctorate too, and is scary-smart -- always has been). My maternal grandfather was a circuit-riding Methodist minister in Arkansas -- but we forgive him for his heresy of sprinkling, rather than dunking. (By the way, does that donut place have associations with the Baptists. Can you be ecumenical by dunking a sugar sprinkled donut in your coffee? Just a thought.)

So, I promise to occasionally report on those in religious life who enrich us all, rather than some whack-job that confuses Jesus with the Republican National Chairman. Dr. Prescott is one of those. A tip of the hat to him.


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