Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Rumaging Through Her Knickers Drawer

Bonnie Bell, resident genius and sales manager at radio KWTO AM occasionally comes on the radio and makes a damn fool of herself. Yesterday was no exception.

The right wing is searching desparately for some way to save George IV from the chopper in the public square. So lying is OK. Or just being dumb -- self assured -- but dumb.

She said she didn't see any big deal about the government spying on you. Heck, if you arn't doing anything wrong, what's the harm? Hell, if the NSA wants to go thru my underwear in seach of proof that I am not a terrorismist all they will find is some old stuff from Victoria's Secret, a long unused box of Sheiks, a dried up tube of KY jelly, and a well dog-ear'd copy of Cosmo with Burt Reynolds as the centerfold.

If they want to check what I read at the library all they will find is I like Laura (R-the unloved) Schlessinger and I like her "I am better than you" photos without her pants on. (WARNING: Nasty, nasty, ugly and revolting pics of Doc Meng found there).

So why should it come as any surprise to point out why is spying on me such a big deal, after all Bill Clinton did it to Newt Gingrich. Remember when Bill and Hillary spyed on that cell phone call down in Florida? Got the newtster in quite a bit of hot water.

Pot meet kettle.

Trouble is -- she made it up, for the benefit of the goobers who listen to her while sitting on the front stoop of the double-wide polishing that old tooth. Newt was overheard by a couple, a preacher no less as I recall, who had about as much linkage to the Clintons as I have to Zeta Retorica. They were shocked at what he was actually doing and went to the newspaper. No government spying.

Will we hear an apology and correction from Bonny Bell. HAHAHA ... ya' gotta' be kiddin'. She is a sales manager for a low class radio station. She knows repuglies. She is a very important person. And very important persons cannot lower themselves to apologise. It is bad for the image. Ask George Bush.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bonnie Bell is a woman of integrity and honesty. I worked with her and know this for a fact. Disagree with her politics if you will, but don't insult her as a person.

8:38 AM, September 09, 2007  

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