Friday, January 27, 2006

Rushin' to Jocko's Defense

Uri Geller, spoon-bending-contorsionist guru of the disco age has gotten into Michael Jackson's mind. It was a perilous journey.

Uri placed Jackson, at Jackson's request, in a hypnotic trance to determine the truth or falsity of the charges of child molestation against him.

Why Mikey wasn't aware of the answer in his conscious mind was a question not asked.

Geller said he wanted to, "... manipulate his subconsious." Geller asked him, "Have you ever touched a child or young person in a way you shouldn't?" Jacko the Whacko replied, "No, never..."

The bigger question, not asked, is, if he ever touched a child or young person in a way he thought he should. After all, we are dealing with the subconscious mind of Michael Jackson here, arn't we?

Uri has predicted a stunning comeback in the career of the gloved one. He had better hope so. Otherwise he is going to get paid in peanuts intended for the elephant at Neverland.


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