Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm Sorry I Mugged Tony

For the simple reason he linked my mugging in his blog this morning. And I got, as of now, over thirty hits from Springfield and surroundings. Usually most of my blog hits are scattered from around the world.

Like I told Tony, my point, poorly made, was that Bush believes that a soul is created when egg meets sperm.

That's fine if you want to buy it .. but it makes for cruel public policy.

Let's take a closer look at the logic that many use. The Baptists, for instance, who I hear repeating the same thing, say that a child must reach the "age of accountability" (about 8 or 9) before they can "accept Jesus" and be Baptised into the religion. Before that, their soul is apparently undergoing development, but will go to heaven anyway. Using the same logic, why wouldn't a blastocyst's soul go to heaven also? And isn't that the goal of the Baptists?

The Catholics just baptise babies ... for the same reason. Why don't they baptise blastocysts? Is it because they actually think that blastocysts are going to heaven, baptised or not? Or is it just inconvienient for the mother?

The illogic of religious dogma infuriates me. Particularly when it comes to 15 - or 50 year old diabetics, or 80 year old Parkinson's patients.


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