Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm Going to Mug Tony

If you don't read Tony Messenger's blog, you should. Tony has done more than I can ever remember a local newpaper editor doing, by getting to know his new community, it's various interests/conflicts/local issues. My hat's off.

OK, so much for Mr. Nice Guy, it's time to go back to my "in your face non-citizen/journalist" (just kidding Andy), stuff.

Tony's blog today discusses Bush's veto of the stem cell research bill. Maybe Bush does really believe what he says, but that's no great compliment to him or what he did that may effect every single one of us to the worse.

I am not an embryologist or a cell biologist (I'm a microbiologist), but I do know a little about those fields, and can understand much of the terminology and the concepts used to think about the development of stem cell therapy. It is not what Bush, or the Republicans, or the fundamentalist crazies say it is. So, just by that criteria alone, then if he honestly believes what he said yesterday then he is an uneducated and uninformed fool, or he knows what he is doing and is doing it for a far less respectable reason than conviction.

If he, and they, are doing it from conviction, then let them be honest about it. Say so. If it sounds dumb and stupid, so be it. That I can forgive and try to educate. If they are doing it to keep hold of Bush's small, and shrinking base, then it is cynical, cruel, and despicable.

I say they should first learn the difference between a blastocyst, zygote, fetus and baby.

Then if I were a smart WH reporter, I would ask about twins, since most identical twins come from a division of the blastocyst, which according to Bush already has a soul, do the twins share a single soul, or does god create another soul from the genetic accident, or is one of them soulless, and if so how do I tell which one it is?

And how about the case where two eggs are fertilized by two separate sperm, and then, coalesce into a single zygote. Does that zygote have two souls? Can I have one of them? Does god take one of the souls back? Would it be possible for one soul to go to heaven and the other soul go to hell? Shouldn't we be pissed at the unequal treatment of chimeras?

Naw, Tony. This was not done out of a conviction that should be forced down our throats, anymore than passing laws to pray at graduations should be forced down our throats. If they have true convictions, then when the technology is finally developed, as it most certainly will be, maybe in Europe or Japan; Jenna and Barbara should deny Bush the treatment for his future ahltzheimer's disease because he has conviction.


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