Tuesday, July 18, 2006

VD(J) and the Banker Community

VD(J) , according to his ads that he, hisself, repeats on KSGF, thinks that home mortgage people suck.

Amazingly, I agree with him. All banks and lenders suck.

But why is he so vociferous about it?

Could it be because when Vince (Shimmy-shimmy Koko bop) Shattenkirk, his alter ego, lived in Colombia, Missouri, that all the banks told him that he was a lousy financial risk? ... that he would last only a couple of years in any community, before they ran his scuzzy ass out of town, and the mortgage company wasn't going to see a pennys worth of profit from this loser?

Naw, VD has a friend now. Advertises for him every day.

Smart people stay away from him, if VD is a sign of his judgement.

Some mortgage people are stupider than others.


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