Wednesday, July 19, 2006

SGF Bloggers Meet-up

Another boogers meeting and another fun night. Fat Jack was there, wearing his mall uniform. (OK - look on my flickr page sometime today to get that one.) Larry, 417pundit's favorite blogger was there. The Marmont was snarling away at her very best. Half the newsroom of the Leader and Press showed up and we finally got mugged by Tony, since we managed to embarrass him about hosing us the last time he came.

And of course the Lib-guy made it with the specific purpose of reminding me that I know Tom Knapp. How annoying.

Amy, (that's the blond one), Mike Brothers, Entertainment Editor for the paper, Tony Messenger, editorial page editor, and I didn't catch the name of the lady next to Amy but she seemed nice enough, if a little old and scrawny for my tastes.

More photos up on flickr later.

Great fun -- come one and all on August 1st to the Patton Alley Pub.


Blogger Jack said...

Judas Priest!
You are one funny son-of-a-bitch.

The lady next to the cute blonde …
And my Mall Uniform …
Now I am not opposed to going to the mall and testing the limits of their dress code.

11:04 AM, July 19, 2006  

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