Sunday, October 03, 2004

Drudge is just pathetic

Walter Winchell wanna-be Matt Drudge has gone totally bonkers, rather than just half insane like he usually gets. At least Winchell got something right once or twice.

See a page up on his site here.

Drudge said that President-elect Kerry took notes out of his pocket at the debates Thursday night. This is why he was able to whip the boy-chimp's ass so bad by making him look like a not-too-bright fool who couldn't even fill up 90 seconds with a coherent answer about the War on Iraq. Drudge says the screen captures prove it.

What's the name of something steaming, smelly, and Drudge leaves on the ground wherever he goes and rhymes with Drudge's personallity .... nit?

Mattie the liar says thats a 3 x 5 card with notes on it he's holding. Busssst ..wrong .... that's a pen he's holding.

Question of the day? How much slime does it take to squeeze Drudge through the mouth of a pop bottle? Answer. Not much, about the same amout of pressure is needed for a fourteen year old to squeeze a zit .. which also rhymes with what Drudge leaves liaring around.


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