Friday, October 01, 2004

Joe Conason -- Da'Man

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"Question: What about your vote on the $87 billion appropriation for the war? You said you voted for it before you voted against it. Weren’t you having it both ways?

"Kerry: You’re asking all my favorite questions tonight. But I hope you will ask the President why he repeatedly threatened to veto that same $87 billion bill. I suspect most Americans still don’t know about his veto threat.

"He told us he would veto the $87 billion if we tried to share the burden with the Iraqis by making a loan instead of a grant. He said he would veto that bill if we allocated money to provide medical care for our veterans, and for our National Guard and Reserve families. He threatened a veto unless we agreed to add that $87 billion to the deficit, rather than reduce his most profligate tax cuts."

Even as good as it was to watch the Smirk fumble his way through that replaying of the Titanic for him last night. Kerry still went easy on him ... too easy in my mind.

And what's the deal with Dubya's posture?? Did they transplant Unca' Dick-Dick's heart to his spine just so he could slouch all over the lectern? My mother would be screaming, "Stand up straight like a man!!! You are not falling off the floor in some Texas honky-tonk now!!! Watch for breaking news from Babs Bush.


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