Friday, October 01, 2004

Note from Betty Bowers -- World's Best Christian

You can see it here.

Betty Bowers, World's Best Christian, has gotten a message -- addressed to her personally -- from the ever-perky Kathyrn Harris ... thats right -- former Secretary of state in Florida.

For a copy of that letter from the ever-lovely and exotic Katie, and Betty's reply to same, I offer a small sample, which did require a minor edit, to keep from sending my fundy friends from freaking out to the Baby Jesus right now.

I have prayed over your latest request for money. Just as I was about to sign a check for $1,450.00, the Lord Jesus appeared (without calling first) and told me that you are a "corrupt, two-faced c**t."

To be honest, I was rather taken aback by His choice of language. And if you could explain what He meant by the "took it up the backdoor for Jeb" comment, I would be forever in your debt, dear.

That Betty is such a card. She has been offered a position as high priestess at the Landover Baptist Church, in charge of womanly things ... like baking cookies for the next cakewalk.


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