Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A good blog

My old pal, Tom Knapp, has a blog here.

I look at it every day ... often in amazement, although he is a good writer, even for a Lib. The only other one I read religiously is Ron Davis ... who is just a genius. I hate him for that... he makes me look so stuppppiddd.

But Tom finally gets around to talking about the arrest of the Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Michael Badnaric, last Friday in St Louis, by some St. Louis thugs in blue.

Badnaric and the Green Party candidate were attempting to serve a summons on the organizers of the joint appearance to show cause why they were excluded from a publically funded event.

The question in my mind is, "did those cops commit the crime of obstruction of justice?"

You don't have to be licensed, or anything to serve a summons to court in Missouri. You only have to swear that you delivered it to the proper party, and even then that person has the opportunity to quash the summons in a court proceeding.

I don't see cops running around trying to prevent court orders from being served in other circumstances.

But considering that I have just heard of a company hired by the Republican National Committee to register new voters in Las Vegas, and then destroying all registrations from Democratic voters... no dirty tricks to this year's election will surprise me.


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