Wednesday, October 06, 2004

If Martha goes -- can the Pigman be far behind??

Rush Limba (R-I'manazi) is one step closer to a jail cell today.


An appeals court turned down his frivilous, delaying tactic of trying to quash a search warrant to find out if he committed felonies in Florida.

Good, again.

Limba is a strung-out street junkie, who normally would be stealing TV sets to support his habit, rather than being the "smartest man in America".

Normally, I might have sympathy for a junkie -- but not in this case. This is a hypocrite junkie, undeserving of getting a break from anyone. He after all is the one who has said that all junkies like himself should be put in jail. OK, fat-boy, time to pay-up.

The smartest man in America should spend his time sharing a cell with a 350 pound former bar bouncer, named Bruiser, who hates whities.... particularly rich, fat-cat, dissin', loudmouth, racist, trash, honkies.

It's going to be a race to see who puts his ass in the poorhouse first... Marta or Roy Black.

Contribute to his defense fund ... send him a can of Pork and Beans.


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