Tuesday, October 05, 2004

More freeper whining

I have a good friend.Billy Long, a local businessman, who is willing to put his livlihood on the line to be a whore for any freep idea that comes down the line on his radio program on radio KWTO.

This morning he had some guy who objected to international observations of elections in America .. read that as Florida and Ohio ... because everything went so well the last time around.

Well, no, actually Billy, they didn't go so well the last time around.

In fact, when a recount of the whole state was made, rather than the recounts of a few selected counties, Al Gore won the state. Deny it as you wish, that is a fact.

And then came the supreme court fiasco.

So, George Bush is an illegitimate President .. .no matter how you try to spin it .. he was not elected. He was appointed.

So, should international observers be present. Damn right they should. To keep elections from being stolen now and in the future.

Billy Long gives voice to the crazies from the Repugs who want to steal elections.

Shame on him

And shame on his party.


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