Tuesday, October 05, 2004

NASCAR nannies and beer commercials

Imagine A J Foyt getting out of his race car, after someone had caused him to wreck and lose a race and kick the tire and say, "Oh, darn!!!" Emphatically, of course.

NASCAR, that bastion of virtue, started by bootleggers outrunning the local cops in their souped-up autos, is shocked!!! Shocked!!! I say .... Dale Earnhart Jr. said a naughty word yesterday. It starts with a "S" ends with a "T" and has an "HI (everyone)" in the middle. I have to hide the identity of the word in fear the Michael Powell (R-drunkwithpower) will come to my house and confiscate my Funk and Wagnel's.

NASCAR, raising it's righteous fist high in the air, fined Earnhart $10,000 (which is chump-change to him) and took away points which took him out of the lead for this year's championship.

Imagine, stock car racers having a mild potty-mouth. Next thing you know they will start drinking beer.

And just imagine how much bad-on-me-mouth had to do with the NASCAR dads, so beloved by the Bush campaign, going out and beating up wives, girlfriends, old ladies on the street, democrats, and in general behaving like the good-old-boys from South Pitchfork, Massabama.

I happen to like auto racing, but I also like airplane racing, boat racing, girls in the 100 meter racing and racing to the bathroom in the middle of the night ... but a stock car driver cussin"??? I am offended ... OFFENDED, I SAY !!!! The next thing you know they will sell beer along with all the other overpriced trinkets at the race track.

Thank the Secretary of State. He's the one that brought this abomination into the world.


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