Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A fun message from my pal Ron Davis

If you don't read Ron Davis's blog .. you should. Find it here.

In an exchange of email here is the fun... Ron's words in Green ..

back to both you boys:

Today in his blog, Stone describes host Billy Long as "a whore for any
freep idea that comes down the line on his radio program on radio

Man, Stoner, don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel

I am a very laid-back guy I will have you know … I never let my emotions take hold of my good, and therefore, always correct, intellectual abilities.


Stone's complaint is that Long -- a genuinely decent man,\

Sez who???

by all
accounts -- allowed someone to babble on about how wrong it is to have
"international observers" at November's U.S. elections. Here, Stone is
right: only a fool would say the 2004 presidential election shouldn't
receive extra scrutiny, after the 2000 debacle.

But c'mon, John -- Billy as a whore?


Naw … I guess I overstated that …. Billy is too tall to bend over for me … and I am 6’1” ….


Leaving aside the mental image of Long shucking his clothes and
spreading 'em for money (brrrrr),


Right you are .. that is a cold thought .. as horrible as Bohannon’s puns are … that thought is even worse …. I may have a desperate sex life … but even Billy is not a part of it….. Bohannon??? Well I’ll have to think about that for awhile. He’s richer than Billy. Could I be a trophy guy???

John Stone knows that it's show-biz
at KWTO. Smarmy show-biz, to be sure, but still there for alleged
entertainment. Anyone who listens to talk radio to become better
informed is beyond all hope; it's blather, signifying nothing. Take it
from someone who knows.


We still are lobbying to get you on Air America … which is growing like crazy …

And ... I am not kidding about that .... I knew Franken when he was doing stand-ups at the Hitchin' Post.



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