Saturday, October 09, 2004

Prediction for today

Erstwhile pResident George Bush will discover today the meaning of the "Perfect Storm".

John Kerry must have read the psychological examination of the boy-chimp, because he laid the perfect trap for him last night, and he fell into it so far he could describe the bottom of Mt St. Helens.

Right in the middle of a boring exchange, kerry dropped his bomb, noted that Bush made $84 last year from a timber company, and that that makes him a small business along with all the other people who may have gotten money. Bush had absoutely no idea of what he was talking about, and smirked, "Wanna' buy some wood?"

Kerry has some wood, and will use it today. He must have found some obscure fact in Bush's Alice in Wonderland financial misdealings, that show that even Bush doesn't have any idea of what he does.

Now the trap has been sprung, Bush is caught in it right up to his nether regions. Let the games begin.


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