Friday, October 15, 2004

The Point of Cheney's Daughter

First of all, Cheney's daughter is an adult... capable of making her own choices ... not a thirteen-year-old gawky girl called the "White House Dog" by Brush Dustball on a radio program.

Second, Cheney himself would deny his own daughter the rights enjoyed by all other Americans, the right to inheritance, the right to a family that should be left alone by the laws, for gawds sake, the right of her long-time partner to visit her on her deathbed in a hospital!!!

It's call the "Defense of Marriage" Admendment to the constitution to the United States. Actually, for the first time in history it would constitutionally deny rights to the citizens of the US.

Was it right for Kerry to bring up the hypocrasy of Bush?? ... damn right it was ...


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