Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Linguistic hillbillies at the Pentagon

I hear it all the time now. Some general will say not that we have found a cache of weapons, but a cachet of weapons.

We don't expect military men to be whizzes at grammer -- shoot, read a press relase from them --- but at least they should know that cachet is a French word (I am sure they know that) ...

A seal on a document, such as a letter.

A commemorative design stamped on an envelope to mark a postal or philatelic event.
A motto forming part of a postal cancellation.

A kind of wafer capsule formerly used by pharmacists for presenting an unpleasant-tasting drug.

Down south a cachet is a bowl of scented soap, or an amulet worn around the neck to ward off evil influences such as vampires.

I am waiting to hear them say that they sasheted to the cashet. How manly and fierce of them.


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