Thursday, December 16, 2004

Play chess? -- go to jail

No one claims that chess savant Bobby Fisher is a guy who you would like to sit down with and have a few brewskies -- but neither is anyone in the US government.

Fisher who presently has a US arrest warrant issued for him, and is in jail (or maybe house arrest in Japan), for --- well -- playing chess, is somewhat pissed off. I don't blame him

Seems as though there is a problem with where the US government gumshoes want you to play chess. The old Yugoslavia is an example.

So Iceland has stepped to the plate to bail the US out of this embarrassing situation by offering Fisher a permanent visa. "He can play all the chess he wants, with whoever he wants, in our Free Country", said an Icelandic Lege. "This is not the attitude of many goverments around the world."

Hey Bobby ... can you tell us exactly where the sun don't shine on the King's pawn? That's George for everyone else, George III.


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