Monday, January 17, 2005

Develop a sex bomb??

No, we arn't going to talk about Madonna, or Christina, or even, heaven forbid, Brittany (although I might really get into those Tatu girls). It time for news from your ever vigilant Air Force.

It seems as those those boys and girls in the blue uniforms were taking a megadose of uber-LSD and donkey laxative during the 1990's.

They were busy developing a super sex stimulant to use as a "non-lethal" weapon against enemy forces. "This should really lay them out," said General Pendragon, who has since moved to direct the Missle Defense Program.

Not just your run of the mill aphrodisiac ... but a bomb that will turn Iraqui insurgents into raging fairies.

Gives new meaning to the term "blown away" doesn't it?

Oh, my, what in the world will happen to the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy?

What will that goofy Dr. Dobson, and the Family research Council say?

Will Jerry (the jerk) Pfalwell send his sons to be prison guards around a bunch of swishers who might decide to make love rather than war around their captors?

It might make those photos of the nekkid cheerleader pyramids at Abu Garibe downright porn to the extent that even Al Goldstein couldn't publish them.

At least this idea is not as smelly as another project by the Einsteins at the Pentagon. Develop a chemical weapon that will give the bad guy such a case of halitosis that even his really hot partner would avoid him. Well, at least halitosis beats no breath at all, a reversal of our present policy.

How much for this little gay romp through fantasy-land? El cheapo by military standards, only 7 million. At least they could get the "remote viewers" to "see" what was going on. Sounds better than the CIA can do, to me.


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