Wednesday, December 22, 2004

That must be reeeeeealy good shit

I don't know what the freeps smoke/shoot/rub in their bellies -- but man I want some.

Bet you don't remember the chaos in the streets of Washington during Bunnypant's confirmation to power... neither do I . But it must have happened because the freeps had a news conference this morning saying it did. (Conference on C-SPAN with less than 10 people in attendance)

So the freeps are volunteering to get out during the pResidents first inaugeration and beat some heads to keep liberals and demos in line. They say they know the cops can't be everywhere. And they want to demonstrate for the Second Admendment, war, death and chaos in Iraq, and the right of Jenna to drink whatever she wants to drink. Actually these guys look to me like they couldn't fight their way out of a wet K-Mart bag ... they might want to rethink that... plus right wingers can't hit diddly squat with their guns ....

Democrats and liberals are enemies of the country, they say.

They want to particularly "protect" the Navy Memorial --- which was trashed in 2001 -- bet that's news to you too. Trashed by having democrats and libruls on the grounds?

These people are down-home freaking crazy ....

They just want a "safety zone" for conservatives.


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