Thursday, January 06, 2005

How stupid can hillbillys be???

As Paul Henning, creator of the "Bevery Hillbillys" discovered -- pretty damn stupid.

This morning on local talk radio KWTO, which I prefer to call Keep Watching Turds [in the] Ozarks, the incompetent Bonnie Bell, and the extraordinarly rude Billy Long took a call from Marsha in Kansas.

Marsha, the uninformed, supplies us with the information that the US is the most generous giver to the stricken areas of Asia.

Buzzzzzzzt --- Marsha --- go have another piece of cake.

Somewhere out there, is a clue -- waiting for Marsha to find it.

The United States is fourth. Behind Germany, Japan, and Australia.

But we did send them Colin Powell, who hangs to the left in a very large way ... to judge from the interview yesterday.

Why don't they get down on their knees and thank us?


Blogger John Stone said...

I have had to delete a comment from this post, since his observation of the topic was fine, but he also included a link to various scam pills/herbals. If he wants to repost please leave off the link to the website.

6:27 PM, May 12, 2006  

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