Monday, January 10, 2005

If they really want to help

The US Supreme Courts, lacking the defender of the Ku Klux Klan -- the Chief who wears a robe right out of wardrobe at the high school production of Pirates of Penzance --says the Klan can clean up a highway in MassaMo, formerly known as the bootheel.

The bootheel of Missouri can make Lurleen, Mississippi, look like the Yale campus.

And they can put up a nice brown highway sign that says they are doing this, all of it, just for you, and the Pigman, who amazingly is still not in a prison cell.

Read the report here.

I have a suggestion for all those goobers who spend their lives sitting on the broken-down stoop of their double-wide, eating a chicken leg, and tossing the bone to the emaciated hounds lying in the dirt and shade of a rusty pick-em-up junker in the "front yard", and licking the muzzle of his pistol that he carries to the local honkey-tonk/ catfish surimi/nekkid dancing/Sunday meeting house/brush arbor memorial.

And slowly polishes his tooth.

If you really want to clean up this state, put one of those orange plastic bags over your head, open a can of Zyklon B, take a deep breath, and do the world a favor.


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