Thursday, May 12, 2005

Here's another thought ...

When the Repugs in the Senate violate the Senate Rules to change the Senate Rules, here is what the minority party should do.

Allow NO unanimous consent rulings. No more Senator goofball making some silly speech on the floor and asking for unanimous consent to insert an editorial from the Blue Eye Weekly Shopper into the record. Objection -- if you want that in the record -- the entire US Senate has to vote on whether you can put it there.

No more unanimous censent to time allocations. The entire US Senate will have to have a recorded vote to allocate time. No more unanimous consent for committee meetings. The entire US senate will have to have a recorded vote to proceed.

Oh ... this is going to be really fun to watch as the Repugs use the Nuclear Option, and then watch as the wind changes direction and the fallout lands on them.


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