Thursday, May 05, 2005

Lewd cheerleaders in Texas

Where else? Where HS football and baton twirlers are the stars of society. Society, and Texas, used in the same sentence, with irony intended.

Texas has always been good to hear some physical giants/mental midgets grunt at each other and throw Lone Star cans out the window of the pick-em-up truck. The main form of entertainment for a date is a belching contest.

So why is the Texas lege picking on those cute little things in short skirts out there "giving their all" for good old Heifer High? Somewhere in the law there must be some requirement for cheerleaders to wear Morman underwear.

Read about this howler here.

No more bending over ... teach those little tramps how to do the stewardess squat. High Rockette kicks ... perverts all ...

We all know that Texas the HS cheerleaders are beaten into submission to be a cheerleader in the first place .. and grabbed from the crowd around the flagpole on prayer day, and told to GET YOUR ASS MOSTLY NEKKID AND GET OUT THERE AND TITTILLATE DEM BOYS!! Since it is Texas, we won't start the subect of what dad gets out of the whole thing. (Well, she's my daughter, John, I don't have any impure thoughts ... except after I been out shooting something, and am really horny ... then that little blond on the end looks puuurrrrrtttyyyyy good to me.)


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