Thursday, May 05, 2005

How disgusting can the military be??

Pretty damn disgusting.

Remember Pat Tilman. The promising footballer who joined the Army as an enlisted man, because he actually believed what George the Lesser, and Woofie the Weasel were telling us about the glory of war.

Pat Tillman is dead. But we paid respect to him by having a military funeral with all the trimmings. And awarded him the second highest medal in the Army, the Silver Star, an award worn proudly by men who have performed heroic deeds.

Well, we have known for some time now that Tillman did not die a glorious death on the battlefield. He was killed by his buddies in one of those tragedies that should make all of us hate war in any form, for any reason.

But now we discover, that the Army knew this before they awarded him the Silver Star, or put on the do-rags for the fancy funeral so the Smirk and Rhummy could have a good photo op and the mouse media would run like hell with the story.

Vile, disgusting and reprehensible.

Gawd ... I hate these people.


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