Friday, August 05, 2005

Use of a .sig file in e-mail

A .sig file is a little automatic thingy put at the bottom of your e-mail that is supposed to do something. Some lawyers put a legal disclaimer about 300 words long at the end of theirs, other do some humor, others advertise their websites, and other have a political or religious thought. Businesses are great to use them for trying to sell you something.

Let's make it clear. A .sig file is the choice of the sender, and not the reader. The sender might have all sorts of reasons for adding it. The attitude of the sender is, "if you don't like my .sig file. .. tough ..don't read it, or just delete my e-mail without looking at it, I won't be offended, I don't have that much important to say anyway.

My Repug friends hate me pointing out what idiots the Repugs are being. Odd, since I put up with all their jokes about Monica's in the oval office for a couple of years. Hey guys ... it's now my turn.

Lesson of the day. The next time you or I want to bitch about someone's .sig file ... save breath. Advice given. Advice ignored.


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