Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Remember These Names

When Alito screws us over. And the "Unitary President" comes to full bloom.

And then, right after the cloture vote that miserable frog-unknown pissant from South Carolina, Jim DeMint, got on the floor of the Senate and kicked the shit out of them again, just so they would remember who is boss.

The buggerest failure of all? The pink tutus on the Judiciary committee who failed as miserably as anything I have seen in my life to put together a case that even the simplest American can understand why this man is a disaster for freedom, democracy, and progressive ideas. They make me sick.

Now the alternative is to go to the streets and let the blood be shed to redeem liberty and democracy.

Akaka, Daniel K. (Coward-HI)

Baucus, Max (Doormat-MT)

Bingaman, Jeff (Toady-NM)

Byrd, Robert C. (Ditherer-WV)

Cantwell, Maria (One-termer-WA)

Carper, Thomas R. (Lickspittle-DE)

Conrad, Kent (Stooge-ND)

Dorgan, Byron L. (Loser-ND)

Inouye, Daniel K. (Pawn-HI)

Johnson, Tim (Milksop-SD)

Kohl, Herb (Flunky-WI)

Landrieu, Mary L. (Parasite-LA)

Lieberman, Joseph I. (Sycophant-CT)

Lincoln, Blanche L. (Puppet-AR)

Nelson, Bill (Candy-ass-FL)

Nelson, E. Benjamin (Lowlife-NE)

Pryor, Mark L. (Chicken-AR)

Rockefeller, John D., IV (Weasel-WV)

Salazar, Ken (Dissembler-CO)


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