Friday, January 27, 2006

The Thursday Afternoon Massacre

In only a slightly more subtle, but just as transparent, way George IV has pulled another Nixon.

There is a prosecutor who has been in charge of the Abramoff scandle. He has been sucessful - getting Abramoff to sing like a canary, going after the Neys, Blunts, and a lot of others, and people are going to go to jail -- for a long time -- and the fun has just begun. Wait until July when it all comes to a head.

But yesterday Bush announced that the prosecutor has been nominated to be a Federal Judge, and has stepped down from his position at the Justice/Corruptioncovering Department.

Just to make things interesting, it's not the first time. Abramoff was under investigation in Guam, in 2002 for some of his dealings. The prosecutor in that case was also nominated, and later confirmed by the rubberstamp repugs and spineless demodawgs to the Federal Bench also. Hey they use what works.

Archibald Cox is spinning in his grave today.

The above part is not correct. The prosecutor in Guam was FIRED by John Asscroft the day after he started issuing suponeas.


Blogger John Stone said...

I may be in error about the Guamanian prosecutor. I am hearing that he was fired by John Asscroft. More to follow as soon as the story gets straightened out.

12:49 PM, January 27, 2006  

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