Saturday, August 13, 2005

Missouri Inaugerations

Our now highly unpopular Governor , Matt Blunt (R-Knuckledrag), also known as Boy Runt in honor of his father, Roy Blunt (R-Billy'sBoyToyRoy), started his ill fated term on a good note.

Long noted for his devotion to nature and living creatures, he found, even in January, a baby eagle which had fallen out of the nest, and decided to take it under his warm-hearted wing. Understandably, our national emblem made a great hit in Jefferson City, and is suspected of making the decision for Runt to institute a "dress code" for State employees.

It is unclear if the cute little thing has molted yet, but downey white feathers don't make eagles soar, do they?


Blogger aleah marie said...

I'm generally not a fashion critic, but I have to wonder how many baby seals had to die to create that parachuting monstrosity. Could we perhaps hope it's faux dead animal?

9:09 AM, August 13, 2005  
Blogger John Stone said...

HAHAHA .. well, there is at least one dead animal in that pic, and for a hint, it's not wearing a uniform or white......

11:07 AM, August 13, 2005  
Blogger John Stone said...

I stand corrected.

The Queen Mother heard that Runt was having a party so jumped out of her grave and borrowed an outfit from Margaret Trudeau to attend.

4:20 PM, August 14, 2005  

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