Saturday, August 06, 2005

Some idiot radio type said:

"News to me boils down to one word. Relevant. Talk about what matters to your audience. That may be totally different from station to station, but focus on things your audience needs to know or can be involved with. Look at how it affects who you're trying to reach. The difference between annoying interruption and worthwhile information, to the listener, is all about THEM. "what will this do for me?" Debateable if it's good or not, but that's how I believe people consume media now"

It's from this el-bizzaro website.

That comes close to the stupidest thing I have heard in a long time.

News that is selected because that's what YOU think your audience wants to hear?

How idiotic, how stupid and how arrogant can radio people get?

News may sometimes be most important when it's what we DON'T want to hear. For instance, when Billy'sBoyToyRoy is accepting "comp" $150 lunches at a Washington restuarant run by none other than Jack Abramoff ... who is going to share a jail cell with Tom DeLay for really sleazy dealings with public money.


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