Thursday, August 18, 2005

No evidence linking Blunt to murder of Boulis

In news stories today Jack Abramoff, owner of a fancy Washington resurant and good buddy of Tom Delay (R-Nutsac), and Roy Blunt (R- Billy'sBoyToyRoy) agreed to talk with investigators about the gangland-style shooting of his former business partner Boulis, who he managed to snooker out of $23 million.

No one suggests that Boy Toy, who got "comp" $75 dollar steak dinners at Abramoff's personal table, #40, and was listed as a "FOO", (Friend of Owner), has anything to do with the murder. Likewise, no one suggests that Ralph Reed (R-Insanextianhack), or Grover Nordquist, (R-I'mjustlookingtogetrich), who were also involved in Abramoff's schemes, had anything to do with personally pulling the trigger that sent 7 shots into Boulis's head.

The situation regarding DeLay is unclear at the moment.

Blunt's office has not issued a press statement about these developments yet.

Stand by for further information as it develops.


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