Monday, August 15, 2005

Billy'sBoyToyRoy Lobbies for Cleanliness

It's not next to Godliness, according to BoyToy, but it does make fine profits for my wife, friends and family. And what's more important? Read about it here. Hey Boy -- smoke dope!!! It's cleaner!!!

The provision would have made it harder to sell tobacco products over the Internet and would have cracked down on the sale of contraband cigarettes, two practices that cut into Philip Morris's profits. Blunt has received large campaign donations from Philip Morris, his son works for the company in Missouri and the House member has a close personal relationship with a Washington lobbyist for the firm.

Several Republicans who learned of the November effort have privately expressed concern that Blunt pushed the provision partly because of his personal relationship with Philip Morris lobbyist Abigail Perlman. Blunt, who several Republicans said spends considerable time with Perlman, would not discuss their relationship or whether the two had talked about the provision

Perlman??? That's the name she still uses??? WTF??? Is this part of the connection to Jack Abramoff??

The Eli Lilly provision, once discovered, embarrassed the GOP because it appeared the party was using the cover of homeland security to protect a big contributor.

Yeah ... well, so what else is new? That's the way the Repugs in the House have been doing business for three years now.

In April, for instance, Blunt managed to have a provision inserted into a Senate bill, without debate, on behalf of United Parcel Service Inc. and FedEx Corp. The two companies were seeking to block the expansion of a foreign rival's U.S. operations. Blunt's son Andrew also represents UPS in Missouri, as the Wall Street Journal first reported, and the two companies have contributed a total of $120,000 to Blunt since 2001, according to Federal Election Commission data.

Fine job representing your constituents in the Ozarks, Roy. I know they are pleased with your getting rich and powerful while they try to survive a job at a chicken-plucking factory. Incidentally, are you getting some heartburn for all those free expensive lunches at Abramoff's joint -- being a "FOO" and all- (Friend of Owner) -now that he has had to report to the US Marshalls in Florida?


Blogger Ole said...

John, didn't Blunt marry the gal/lobbyist after getting divorced the previous year?

10:39 PM, August 15, 2005  
Blogger John Stone said...

Yep ... Ms BoyToy has always been on the farm in Stafford MO milking the cows while he was in Washington doing some milking of his own.

1:07 AM, August 16, 2005  

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