Sunday, August 14, 2005

I Hang My Head in Shame

I named this silly little blog after a guy's newspaper scribblings from years ago. Tom A. Ellis - a curmudgeon of the first rate who was longtime farm editor of the Springfield Leader and Press, and who had great fun twisting the tails of all the crazy fundies around town.

Tom and I became fast friends. He jumped all over me for writing like the scientist I am .... in other words .... booooooorrrrrring. I told him, all right wise guy, tell me how to do it right ... and he did -- like he did with many, many others.

I about fell off my chair this morning when Tom Ellis called the KWTO live radio program with Chuck Wooten (R-WakeMeUpWhenIt'sOver). I was astounded because Tom A. Ellis died in 1985. Maybe there is a doG after all.

Turns out that this Tom Ellis also worked at the paper at that time .. he worked for the morning paper. I bet he got all sorts of .... er. ... ahem .... interesting mail in his box that was intended for my Tom Ellis.

My Tom called a up-and-coming politician/preacher/soon-to-be-doctor/fundie ---- Doc Yak -- for starters.


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