Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm Famous - Kneel Vassals and Kiss My... Elbow

Word has just come in that Prof Vic Stenger's new book, God: The Failed Hypothesis, is on the NYT best seller list. I am pleased not only because it is a fine book but that he names me as one on his list that helps him write and edit his books, and he used one of my flower photos to demonstrate the fibonacci series.

Good going and congrats, Vic.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A preview of a Later Posting of the Idiot VD(j)

Keep this quote in mind later on today after I edit some clips from the Village Idiot showing his knowledge of health, Public Health, and disease.

"Although young people who sign a virginity pledge delay the initiation of sexual activity, marry at younger ages and have fewer sexual partners, they are also less likely to use condoms and more likely to experiment with oral and anal sex, said the researchers from Yale and Columbia universities."

Oh, and BTW VD, your math skills need some work ... You say not using a condom is like Russian Roulette. And that using a condom is like putting two bullets in an eight cylinder revolver. Ah ... Vince ... you ignorant slut ... you just told me that using a condom is 33% more dangerous than not using one when it comes to disease prevention.

Of course, you are too dumb to figure this one out on your own, so you say that a doctor told you so ... that doc wouldn't be a naturopath by any chance, eh?

Monday, February 26, 2007

It's Alive, Master ... It's Alive

Yep ... it's Fay Dunaway. Looking like the morning after collecting all those bullets in the front seat of a 35 Chevy.

One of my fav blogs GoFugYourself
makes this observation about her academy awards outfit.

She looks like a VERY formal toilet bowl brush.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Unspeakable Vileness of Religious Law

PZ has it nailed right HERE ....

Let's face modernity ... religion is an evil force in our world, We should get rid of them all.

Why is the NY Times Ho'ing ... Again

We all recall the front pages of the New York Times and the stories by Judith Miller, who led us into the occupation of Iraq by quoting false information by unnamed sources.

Well, they are at it again. In a story about the threat from Iran, there were 25 sources cited in a front page story.

24 of them were unidentified ... so no one could possibly cross check the facts.

The NY Times is a whore when it comes to war.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Evolution is a Jewish Conspiracy ... yep, you read that one right.

There are some Repugly religious conservatives that are even stupider than VD(j). I know it's hard to believe, but it is true.

Here are the words of Ben Bridges, a prehistoric congresscritter from ... Cleveland ... Cleveland as in Georgia, natch. A man who clearly exhibits the fact that human intelligence varies from downright stupid to insane in Congressional Republicans.

“Indisputable evidence — long hidden but now available to everyone — demonstrates conclusively that so-called ‘secular evolution science’ is the Big-Bang 15-billion-year alternate ‘creation scenario’ of the Pharisee Religion,” the memo says.
“This scenario is derived concept-for-concept from Rabbinic writings in the mystic ‘holy book’ Kabbala dating back at least two millennia.”

It also directs readers to a Web site, which includes model legislation that calls the Kabbala “a mystic, anti-Christ ‘holy book’ of the Pharisee Sect of Judaism.” The Web site also declares “the earth is not rotating … nor is it going around the sun.

That will come as a surprise to Copernicus, who has been dead for 400 years.

This collusion is raising the threat of adopting laws that would make it a “hate-crime” to say or write anything critical of the Jews...or even to pray in Jesus’ name in public places. This is the same type of “hate-crime” law that was passed shortly after
the Jewish-dominated Communist government came to power in Russia almost ninety years ago...

Not only is organic evolution a conspiracy -- it is a conspiracy between those gawdless, raping, money-lending, christ-killing, Jews.

Charles Darwin as a liberal, athiest, Commie, pinko, jew. Who'd thunk it.

Some repugs are more related to that primordial slime than others. Sadly, John McCain may be one of them.

It's Fat Tuesday. Think of VD(j) and Sazaracs

Photos copyright John Stone, 1984. See originals at

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Listening to Art Bell, I Have a Question...

Why is it that the aliens, UFOs, greys, greens and reptilians only are seen by, and contact the mentally disturbed? And the guys who are selling self-published books.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Prince Harry to Deploy to Iraq

Jenna and Babs are unavailable for comment.

Hello Brit ... Daddy Here ...

Brit, dahlin', Mom and I are getting worried about you.
We agreed that dumping that loser Fed-X was a good idea ... after all, did you see that performance at the Superbowl ... gawd, I would rather see one of Janet's saggy tits.
And we like our new grandbaby. We would have had great plans for her if Anna had only had a boy.
But lawdy, lawdy, gone done a Sinade O'Connor on us.Went from Goldilocks, to brunett to bald - just like Pops - all in a month. Think of all that money mom and I spent to coiff you in the very best for your ... er ... ahem ... talent ....and ah ... career. And doing the deed by yourself? Honey, you didn't hear a peep out of me when you started hanging around with that anorexic cat-woman, Paris, we didn't even complain when you flashed your well-worn pubes for the papperatzi guys ... we know -- "it's just business". But this!!!
And a new tattoo? Of red lips on your wrist? Are you sending one of those subtle and symbolic symbols that you found in William Blake's poetry that Paris is kissing your wrist ... or whatever?
Come home honey ... we will hide you in the basement until you get better.
We will even hire a full time nurse for you.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Invite Granny Geek to Lunch

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Drumming for War with Iran

Fool me once. Shame on you.

Fool me twice ...

Uh ...

Uh ....

Er ...

You can't fool me again!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Father of Little Anna Nichol Identified

Thanks to advanced DNA technology the father of Anna's daughter has been positively identified.

Meet him HERE ...

Friday, February 09, 2007

Deep Thoughts from CNN

Anna Nichole Smith is dead.

So is gawd.

(From Ashley at Pz's joint)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Psychology of Dubya

(From the

Bush's irrational consideration of a "surge" in the wake of the ISG report--which apparently defies all credible counsel--has begun to generate speculation regarding his sanity.

References to Bush's"delusions" have appeared in the MSM (notable on "Scarborough Country")and throughout the blogosphere. As a psychiatrist, I understandably get concerned when I see clinical terminology bandied about in political discourse, and thought it might be of interest to share my own perspective on this question. First of all, let me state up front that I probably hate Bush as much (or nearly so) as anybody here. I think he has done more damage to our country than Osama Bin Laden ever did, and probably is the manifestation of OBL's most wicked fantasies following 9/11. Frog marching him to the Hague (along with Cheney, natch) is too good for him. I think the guy is both stupid and evil, and I have no intention of cutting him any slack here. But in the political/clinical tradition of Dr. Bill Frist's school of diagnostics, I have a distinct clinical impression that I think explains most of his visible pathology.

First and foremost, George W. Bush has a Narcissistic PersonalityDisorder. What this means, mostly, is that he has rather desperate insecurities about himself, and compensates by constructing a grandiose self-image. Most of his relationships are either mirroring relationships--people who flatter him and reinforce his grandiosity --or idealized self-objects--people that he himself thinks a lot of, and hence, feels flattered by his association. Some likely perform both functions. Hence his weakness for sycophants like Harriet Miers, and powerful personalities like Dick Cheney. Even as a narcissist, Bush knows he isn't a great intellect, and compensates by dismissing the value of intellect altogether. Hence his disses of Gore's bookishness, and any other intellectual that isn't kissing his ass.

Bush knows that his greatest personal strength is projecting personal affability, and tries to utilize it even in the most inappropriate settings. That's why he gives impromptu backrubs to the German Chancellor in a diplomatic meeting--he's insecure intellectually, and tries to make everyone into a "buddy" so he can feel more secure. (Pathetic, isn't it?)

The most disturbing aspect about narcissists, however, is their pathological inability to empathize with others, with the exception of those who either mirror them, or whom they idealize. Hence Bush's horrifying insensitivity to the Katrina victims, his callous jokes when visiting grievously injured soldiers, and numerous other instances. The guy simply has no capacity to feel for others in that way.

When LBJ was losing Vietnam , he developed a haunted expression that anybody could recognize as indicative of underlying anguish. For all his faults, you just knew he was losing sleep over it. By the same token,we know just as well that Bush isn't losing any sleep over dead American soldiers, to say nothing of dead Iraqis. He didn't exhibit any sign of significant concern until his own political popularity was sliding--because THAT'S something he can definitely feel.

Which brings us to his recent "delusion". To be blunt, I don't see any indication that Bush has any sort of psychotic disorder whatsoever. The lapses in reality-testing that he exhibits are the sort that can be readily explained by his characterological insensitivity to the feelings and perceptions of others, due to his persistently self-centered frame of reference. By applying Occam's Razor to the question of what is psychologically driving Bush to endorse this "surge", I think it can be readily explained by his narcissism as follows: (Warning: Rampant speculation to follow!)

Bush knows that things aren't going his way in Iraq, and he knows that it is damaging him politically. He also sees that it is likely to get worse no matter what he does, and in fact it may be a lost cause. However, he recognizes that if he follows the recommendations of the ISG, that Iraq will almost certainly evolve into a puppet state of Iran , and given his treatment of Iran he will completely lose control of the situation--and he will be politically discredited for this outcome. The ONLY chance that he has to avoid this political disaster, and save his political skin, is to hope against hope for "victory" in Iraq. Advancing the "surge" idea offers Bush two political advantages over following the ISG recommendations. One is that if it is implemented, maybe, just maybe, he can pull out some sort of nominal "victory" out of the situation. The chances are exceedingly slim, granted, but slim is better to him than the alternative (none).

Alternately, if the "surge" is politically rejected, he gains some political cover, so when things inevitably go to shit, he can say "I told you so" and blame the "surrender monkeys" for the outcome. Most people probably won't buy it, but some (his core base) will.

Now, I know what many of you are thinking--is George Bush willing to risk the lives of hundreds, maybe thousands more American soldiers, on an outside chance to save his political skin, in a half-baked plan that even he knows probably won't work at all? Damn straight he is. Because George Bush is that narcissistic, that desperate, and yes, that sociopathic as well.

Anyway, that's MY two bits.Some more thoughts on this: Narcissistic Personality Disorder is frequently associated with alcoholism. The insufferable "holier than thou" attitude associated with "Dry Drunk Syndrome" is indicative of underlying narcissism. Also, the way that Bush embraces Christianity is characteristically narcissistic. Rather than incorporating the lessons of humility and empathy modeled by Jesus, Bush uses his Christian faith to reinforce his grandiosity. Jesus is his powerful ally, his idealized "buddy" who gives a rubber stamp to any cockamie invasion he thinks up.

Finally--and this will sound VERY familiar--NPDs are notoriously unableto say they're sorry. Admitting error is fundamentally incompatible with their precarious efforts to maintain their sense of "okayness". Any friend, partner, or family member that has this character flaw almost certainly has NPD.

Paul L. Minot, MD
Inpatient and outpatient general and adolescent psychiatry.
Maine General Medical Center, Seton Campus

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rev Ted Coming to Branson?

Thanks to PZ and Pooflingers ....

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Booger's Meet-up

At the Patton Alley Pub at 7'ish. After the January washout thanks to holidays, no classes and ice storms ... there is a full keg of Double Chocolate and minds teeming with bad jokes.

Even VD(j) - shown above - says he can make it ....

Pissing contests are in order...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

In Case You Think Rich People Are Smart

I invite you to listen to Billy Joel singing the national anthem at the SuperBowl.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Molly on VD(j)

Molly said that if dirt is dumb, VD(j) should cover about an acre.

Since the death of Roy Cohn, VD(j) seems to have lost his moral compass.

Bride of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

PZ at Pharyngula will be proud. The FSM has finally found a mate. She is known as a Nullcephlemultipodia linda blair.

Also shown with the preacher at the wedding,
Kent Hovind, aka, Dr. Dino.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Is Woofie A Slob?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Requime from Molly

And for me, it’s leaving time.

I have a grandly dramatic vision of myself stalking through the canyons
of the Big Apple in the rain and cold, dreaming about driving with the
soft night air of East Texas rushing on my face while Willie Nelson
sings softly on the radio, or about blasting through the Panhandle under
a fierce sun and pale blue sky….I’ll remember, I’ll remember…sunsets,
rivers, hills, plains, the Gulf, woods, a thousand beers in a thousand
joints, and sunshine and laughter. And people. Mostly I’ll remember people.

There is one thing, an important thing, I have to tell you before I go.
What I’m going to tell you is more than a fact. It is a Truth. I have
spent six years checking it out, and I know it to be true. The people
who subscribe to The Texas Observer are good people. In fact, you’re the
best people in this state. I don’t care if you think that’s pretentious
or sentimental—it’s just true.

If I got to naming you, I would never stop, so I won’t. But please
believe me that all of you whom I know and many of you whom I know only
by letter are in my mind as I write this—even if I do forget your names
half the time. Always excepting, of course, the turkey who sends me hate
mail after my annual gun-control editorial. Turkey, turkey, turkey.

I wanted to call this “The Long Goodbye” but Kaye won’t let me. She
wanted to call it “Ivins Indulges in Horrible Fit of Sentimentality.”

I love you. Good-bye my friends.

/The closing paragraphs of Molly’s goodbye column to Texas Observer
readers published June 18, 1976, as she left to join The New York Times./

Gawd Bless you gal ... you were one of those strong Texas women we love so much.


Desdovina, the Eternal Light?