Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Fundamentalist's Reason to End the Party

When the booze arrives all the girls put their clothes on and we go home.

Christopher Reeves Lives!!!!!

You have heard of UFOs??

How about UFHs??

For those who arn't up in the middle of the night to listen to the old Art Bell Show, UFHs have been sighted over Santa Monica, California.

Unidentified Flying Humanoids

a.k.a. Superman

But .... Ken Lay is still dead.

Friday, September 29, 2006

My Visitors This Summer

This year I kept pretty complete records of who visited my feeders, when, how many chil'uns, and any habits.

I am reminded to post this because I still have a female hummer hanging around, well after the time she should have headed to Central America. So I just took down the feeder. That will scoot her on her way.

Here is a list: I didn't get the feeders up at my new place until June 1st so I am interested to see who I can attract next year.

You can see many pics on my flickr site (My Photos in the side bar) -- look under "miscellaneous".

1. House Wren

2. Carolina Wren

3. Cardinal

4. Common Dove

5. Goldfinch

6 Ruby-throated Hummingbird

7.Common Flicker (Yellow phase)

8.Downey Woodpecker

9.House sparrow

10. Baltimore Oriole (one time for short period migrating south - no food out for him -- next May on the way north)

11. Common House Sparrow

12. Tufted titmouse

13. And of course the grackles and starling thieves, but not too many since they began to be picked off with a pellet gun.

14. And I can't believe I forgot my favorite backyard Libertarian Robber Baron --- the Bluejay.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Quote of the Day

From an anonymous poster on CHATTER....

'VDJ couldn't get head if it were handed to him."

Orac Identifies VD(J) as Hitler Zombie Clone

Check out the eyewitness discription.

Fits, eh?

1) he's a walking rotting corpse and thus doesn't smell too good and leaves a mess wherever he goes;

(2) he has a propensity to eat brains, which is not generally welcome in polite company such as this blog, and he has really lousy table manners to boot;

(3) he incites incredibly idiotic, overblown rhetoric, which annoys the hell out of critical thinkers like me and (I hope) my readers; and

(4) he's Hitler, fer cryin' out loud.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

VD(J) Interviews an Advertiser/Doc

VD is interviewing Dr. Dave Stone. An advertiser on his program.

Interestingly Dr. Stone lists as his professional address Lakeland Hospital, the local psychiatric care hospital. But he says that he will come to your house (for cash or check only) to treat what ails ya'.

Interesting again -- because according to the license division of the Missouri Board of Healing Arts David Stone's medical license is "on probation" until June 18, 2008. He must be supervised by another physician designated by the Missouri Board of Healing Arts. Does his probation physician follow him to your house?

See the documents HERE ....

And why is he on probation, and you should invite him into your house to treat you?

Cause of Discipline: Violation of Section 334.100.2(1), (4)(g), (6) and (23), RSMo 1994. The Board found cause to discipline Licensee based on the use of controlled substances to the extent that it impaired Licensee's ability to practice; violation of drug laws; a pattern of personal use or consumption of controlled substances not otherwise prescribed or administered by another physician; and the surrender of Licensee's DEA controlled substance registration. Board Action: License was publicly reprimanded and placed on 5 years probation. Effective 6/18/97.

VD(J) Grooves with the "Chocolate People"

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Waaaaayy too funny

A Photo of VD(J)

He's either 16 or 63 ... I can't tell from the photo.

But he does appear to be a strapping boy/girl. So why won't he get into the ring with Mr. Mt. Vernon and defend his honor. (cough cough)

Or serve his country of choice at the moment? I am not really good at diagnosing thru all those clothes but he have the facial tones of being the victim of an anal retention. Mr. Fleet (aka- Eneman) could help him out a lot.

VD(J) and His New Disease

I am busy putting together a montage of quotes from the VD Show Monday morning. You know, the day after the Big Dog whipped butt on Faux News.

It is taking some time -- but it amazing that VD can say "Monica" with four different accents, two different pronunciations, out of three sides of his mouth, and all within one hour -- at least a dozen times.

So what's his new disease?

Mariah Carey By Proxy

It can be cured with an embryonic stem cell implant -- he needs to be careful though -- he doesn't want to get it from his twin.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Talk Like a Pirate Day

One of the fav blogs for we of the Pastafarian faith is Jason, who scribes the Top Ten list.

Here is an example from this post, Top Ten Movies to watch on talk like a pirate day ....

9. Forrest Stump

7. Throw Mamma from the Plank

6. Peg Leg Sue Got Married

1. Anything rated ARRR!

Chickenhawk-in-Chief Makes It to Vietnam, Finally

We all knew that he wanted very badly to go there when he was younger, braver, and more patriotic, didn't we?

Well, at the end of next month, he will go to Ho Chi Min City for a SE Asia economic summit. He will try to learn how to make the US look more like SE Asia.

While he is there, I suggest some side trips for the much beloved KKKarl Rove photo ops.

(1) The Quartermaster Corps Morturary at Da Nang AFB, where bodies were identified, and processed to return to the US.

(2) The Caravelle Hotel, where you could enjoy a nice steak dinner and watch a firefight going on across the river at the same time.

(3) Pleiku Province and LZ X-Ray. Where you can get a taste for the flavor of death without putting yourself in more danger than tripping over an anthill.

(4) That black spot in the street in Hue where a Buddhist Monk self immolated on national TV to protest the incredible corruption of the US supported religious racist government in Saigon.

Yeah, Mr. War Hero/War President. Go visit these places and grow misty-eyed at what you missed when you were guarding the Texas/Oklahoma borders from the Red hoards. (That's right before you just decided to go AWOL altogether)

And just in time to be reminded before the elections too.

Friday, September 22, 2006

An Amazing Photo

See it HERE .....

You can click on the photo to enlarge it. What you see is the Shuttle Atlantis performing a fly-around of the ISS shortly after undocking. They are making a transit of the face of the sun.

Just to place ourselves in the proper perspective the shuttle and the ISS are about two hundred miles away. The sun is 470,000 times further away, 94 million miles.

The photo was taken by a French Amateur Astronomer.

Jesus on a Dog's Butt

And just in case VD(J) wants to fall on his knees and praise his computer monitor when he sees this I can tell him that the name for what he is doing/thinking/having cold-hot sweats, about, is called pareidolia. Pretty close to another name I have for him ... but never mind.....

Slow loading server, so be patient...

For a local example of what he can worship, at least until the guys from the Marion Center bring the full canvas jacket for him to wear, can be seen here. I call it "Christ in a Crotch". I am keeping the location secret until the t-shirts are printed and the Budweiser concession licenses are finalized.

Where's the FCC?

Land o'goshen. VD(J) said a nasty word on his show this morning.

He actually said, and it went out over the air...

HAHAHAHA ... he said "poop" ...

But listeners just heard it wrong. What he actually said was the Canuk pronunciation of "hope".

Hoop ....

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Real Libbyloonie Runs for GOV of CO

Like other young and dumb people I toyed around with the Libertarian Party back in the early 70's. I found they were committed to things I liked, civil liberties, peace rather than war, fair treatment of the lesser of those in our society.

Then I grew out of that goofy notion of what they are.

Don't get me wrong. As people, I find them to be the most engaging of anyone I know in the political arena. I have at least two good friends who are loonies and I really enjoy hoisting a beer with them, and ragging them, and they give as well as they get. But they are still goofy.

I spent an hour in a car with then Presidential candidate Harry Browne in 1999. It was fascinating. He was wrong in everything he said, up to and including his forecast of millions of Libertarian Party members by 2002, but delightful and engaging? Yep, you bet.

But occasionally the loons in their party spread their wings and fly into the sunlight. One of them is running for GOV of Colorado. Read this exchange of e-mails, HERE ......

Why do I care you ask? She will only get a tiny percentage of the vote, like all Libertarian candidates; it is because of the foul influence of her words and thoughts, so vile and disgusting that all other Libs of good - or any - sense at all should disown her. They disowned Frazier Glenn Miller, why not Dawn Winkler? In many ways she is far more dangerous.

Monday, September 18, 2006

An Apology to VD(J)

I've called him names, and one looks back at one's own angry outbursts over the years.

And I recall having at various times referred to VD(J) as a 'hairy-backed swamp developer, a fundamentalist bully, a freelance racist, a hobby cop, a sweatshop tycoon, a line jumper, his wife as a marsupial mom and him as an aluminum-siding salesman, a misanthropic frat boy, a ninja ditto head, a shrieking midget, a tax cheat, a cheese merchant, a cat strangler, a pill pusher, a nihilist in golf pants, a backed-up Baptist, a grand pooh-bah of Percodan, a mouthbreather, a testosterone junkie and a brownshirt in in a sweatsuit'.

I look at those words now, and 'cat strangler' seems excessive to me. The number of cat stranglers in the ranks of the Republican Party and radio talk show pervs is surely low, and that reference was hurtful to talk show hosts and to cat owners. I feel sheepish about it.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

My New Living Will


I, __________________________, being of sound mind and body, do not wish
to be kept alive indefinitely by artificial means. Under no circumstances should
my fate be put in the hands of pinhead politicians who couldn't pass ninth-grade
biology if their lives depended on it, or lawyers / doctors interested in simply
running up the bills. If a reasonable amount of time passes and I fail to ask for
at least one of the following:

______ Glass of wine ______ Margarita ______ Martini ______ Cold Beer ______
Chicken fried steak and cream gravy ______ Mexican food ______
French fries ______ Pizza ______ Bowl of ice cream ______ Cup of tea ______
Chocolate _______ Sex_______ Access to the newsgroup alt.necrophilia.royal-family _______ a backdoor to Brittany Spears e-mail ________ The flickr group "Beach Girls"

It should be presumed that I won't ever get better. When such a determination is
reached, I hereby instruct my appointed person and attending physicians to pull
the plug, reel in the tubes and call it a day.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Der MonkeyMeister Speaks

Listen to it HERE ...

I weep for the country we were.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Glenn Frazier Miller Loves VD(J)

Who says that VD(J) is a racist piece of crap? Well, I do for one. For instance, the close buddy of a local Libertarian candidate (sit down Keith, I am just kidding - but I'll let you tell the story), shown above, has said some nice things about VD(J) helping him out. An interesting story is the Wikipedia entry for this piece of human waste.

(Bible loving trash that he is should learn to spell biblical names.)

The Wikipedia for the human waste at radio station KSGF is soon to follow.

TAA reported on radio news broadcast
TAA made radio news on 26 Dec 05 - KSGF (104.1 FM), Springfield, MO, resulting from 700 TAAs being distributed a few days earlier. (Phone 417-865-6614, Courtney Williams or Vince Gerico, for verification).


My Side of The Story
White Patriot Party
My Book - "A White Man Speaks Out"

Along the same lines, VD(J) is flogging the hell out of the Minutefreaks organization. Can't join the Masons and even the Shriners won't have you. Then you can still join an armed secret society. VD(J) had a guy call who started to say something about some forms that they are passing out to their members. VD(J) stopped him saying that he was giving away the organization's secrets and he wasn't allowed to do that and if he did it, they would just have to take care of him.

Little does VD(J) know that the Minutepussys already have more members in it's organization from the FBI than his pal Glenn Miller has in his.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Japanese Fall Festival

Last weekend was the festival at the Japanese Gardens with the sister city. I took a lot of photos. You can see them on my flickr page .... HERE ... I have some more to add tomorrow.

Looks like the Marmot and I missed each other ... there was the biggest crowd I have ever seen there.

Is Horrorwitz Responsible???

The rumor is out. That a combination of David Horrorwitz and the American Spectator Magazine (read that as Richard Mellon Scaife), is responsible for that slanderous abortion of history that the Disney Company put on ABC last night. To the tune of $40 million, with no advertising reimbusement to the stockholders of Disney Co. Smart CEOs they are.

This is supposed to be the Swift-boating of the demos for 2006. Lotsa' luck.

If I were Madeline Albright, I would definitely sue. There are others who will have a good tort case for defamation. Plus ABC may have committed a crime by using corporate money for a partisan purpose.

On the good side, as a production it stank as bad as a local cable production and was watched by half as many people who watched the football game.

The Swift Boat liars are not going to get by with it again.

Opps, How Could We Forget About That

Rummy's office at the Pentagon, which is looking more and more like a circle jerk than a pentagon, announced this morning that the pacification and Vietnamization ... er ... Iraquization of Baghdad is working since we moved in to pacify the city.

There were fewer murders in Baghdad last month he says.

Of course, the numbers don't count car bombers, suicide bombers, or IUD's. It does include drive-by shootings.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Rev Pfred Phelps is "In Your Face"

I figure that Rev Pfred and his pfamily are always good for a laugh. And sure enough he seldom disappoints me.

Most certainly I was not disappointed at the performance you can see HERE...

What is really disgusting about this is that the production values are about ten times better than Street Talk... hang your heads in shame, Ronbo, DocL, and Marmot.

I didn't quite make it through the entire clip ... but I bet that 417Punt-it will watch the whole thing and make a report back, since he demands links to things like the "world is round" and the "earth goes around the sun".

I wonder if Jon Stewart is from that Jewbritarian homererotic part of New York they call Satan's Island?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Marmot Hoof at the Booger's Meet-up

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Hitler Zombie Appears at a White House Party

It is widely accepted that Model's Rule applies to any and all discussion on the internet. We can now include the Bush Administration.

The Rule says that when someone is losing an argument, and has tried every rhetorical trick, every lie, every misrepresentation possible to rescue their argument, that the last thing to make its appearance is the Hitler Zombie. The other side is Hitler-like and/or nazies/and/or appeasers like Chamberlin.

Monday, Rhummy dug up the Hitler Zombie. Bush was close on his heels on Tuesday when he not only dug up the unlovable critter, but gave it a whiff of oxygen to try to bring life into the war in Iraq (Operation Fuckin' Disaster) arguments. As is true with all the ressurections of the Hitler Zombie arguments, they failed.

The last hope of the Repugs for November 2006, died again with a stake through its heart and worms crawling in and out of its moldering body.

Monday, September 04, 2006

The ACLU is a Pain in the Ass

You would think that a good old lefty like me would embrace an organization like the ACLU. You would think wrong. While I can cite many good things they have done I would rather embrace a stingray. There is a case in the California Supreme Court tomorrow that illustrates my concerns with this organization.

Starting in the late 1990s a series of libelous posts appeared on the internet, and in newsgroups from various "alternative medicine" activists defaming many people, including me on occasion. At the time one of the major instigators of the defamation was a pest by the name of Patrick Timothy Bolen, a free-lance "publicist' for Hulda Clark. (All these names carry extensive google references). The postings of Bolen were picked up and repeated verbatim over 1000 times (by count) by a alternative breast cancer treatment activist Ilena Rosenthal, who posted under various aliases. Rosenthal was told many times by the main persons being defamed, Terry Polovoy, MD, Steven Barrett, MD, and Robert Baratz, MD, DDS, Ph. D., that her postings contained false and defamatory information and to please desist. Rosenthal refused. Finally a lawsuit was filed for libel and defamation of character.

The trial judge, citing the Internet Decency Act divorced Rosenthal from the other defendants in the case. This decision was overturned by a federal appeals court and will now be heard in the CA supreme court only as pertaining to Rosenthal.

The ACLU and the EFF (Electronic Freedom Foundation) has stepped into the case, uninvited as usual, to argue in an amicus brief for Rosenthal. Basically they argue that there is no remedy for defamation (first or second hand) on the internet.

This is typical of the worst of the bullet-headed things the ACLU does. It matters little to them that defamation has occured, but that they uphold some sort of "principal" which for the life of me, no one can understand.

I accuse the some of my Libertarian friends of being anarchists, mostly tongue in cheek. But the real anarchist is a group like the ACLU, for whom anything goes, without regard for the injury involved, as long as they, the sole interpreter of what is right or wrong, can continue to have influence.

My advice to the ACLU? Butt out.

Stick to what you do, that I can agree with you doing. Keeping a eye on governmental intrusion into civil liberties. Stay the hell out of the way of established civil law.

Boogers Meet-Up Tomorrow

Don't forget to show up at the Patton Alley Pub at 7 on Tuesday. Everyone who is anyone will be there.

There is a special theme for the meet. Either dress up as your favorite character from CATS, or since VD(J) may show up, a dyke (your sex doesn't matter on this one - your costume does -- I suggest renting a copy of The Rocky Horror Picture Show for ideas).

The Death of Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin, the enthusiastic, but slightly nutty Australian naturalist was killed today by a stingray.

As a biologist I have done my share of close encounters with dangerous animals ... even a rodent can give you a really nasty bite ... right Marmot? One of the things you learn early on is first, to be very aware of the animal and what it is doing, and second, never, never, ever, trust them. Ask Roy Horn. Perhaps it was a part of Irwin's shtick to handle animals in a way that made me very nervous, but he seemed to know what he was doing, even if he were taking a chance I wouldn't.

We don't know the detail of what happened, other than the stingray barb penetrated between the ribs on the left side in the intercostal muscles. There is one report that it penetrated his heart. The venom, which is produced by a gland at the base of the barb is extremely painful in itself, and this may have caused a heart attack even if there was not lethal trauma to the heart, lungs or major vessels.

Above you can see a drawing of a Southern stingray found in US waters. Note that the barb is about halfway down the tail. The barb has a double row of really wicked fishhook-shaped projections, and much tissue trauma occurs when the barb is pulled from the body of the victim.

The largest one I ever saw was about three feet in diameter in a very shallow tidal pool on the lee side of Ship Island off the Mississippi coast. The barb appeared to be about 8 inches long. Since they are not aggressive we approached within a couple of feet of it. All of a sudden it took off raising a huge cloud of sand and mud. Where the hell was that SOB? The greatest danger is stepping on one. People who gig for flounder at night learn to shuffle along and just kick them out of the way and are seldom barbed.

The pectoral wing meat is very tasty. In fact you can take plugs of the meat and sell it to the ignorant turistas as scallops. The difference is that a scallop meat will have the muscle fiber running lengthwise and the stingray will be like a stack of dimes.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Beating CHATTER to the Necronews

M'GAWD !!!!

Someone just told me.

Mick Jagger died.

Some University Nuttiness

Universities can be, are, and should be, refuges for the offbeat person, the person with odd ideas, the experimentalist, the insane along with the rational. Knowledge progresses from these folks who walk to their own drummer and pull society along sometimes kicking and screaming. They are not trade schools where a student, or a faculty member goes to learn only about a craft, but instead serve to enrich the wide body of thought about many subjects.

However, there is a pernicious threat in some departments of the University, called postmodernism. This phenomena seems to be concentrated in only a few areas, like Lit Crit, Cultural Anthropology, certain Jungian Profs of Psychology, and some areas of sociology. It is uncommon in other departments, and scorned in departments which require high level logic, such as science and math.

PoMo started as a European movement, mostly from old leftists, various dreamers, pseudointellectuals, and other neer-do-wells.

It is characterized by an overinflated and obtuse - even bizarre - "body of literature", which is read by other postmodernists, and totally ignored by anyone with the slightest bit of logical reasoning.

PoMo got the best put-down in the history of academics a few years back when Alan Sokal (a very legit physicist) published a totally nonsensical article in the leading postmodernist journal, Social Text. On the day the article appeared he also published another article explaining the hoax, how he did it and how any third year physics student would have been rolling on the floor laughing by the third paragraph of the article. Read all about the Sokal hoax HERE ...

And now comes this little gem to give you an idea of the "deep thought" (by Jack Handly, no doubt), of a typical piece of postmodernist gobbeldygook. Thanks to James Randi who had this quote up on his page this week.

We can clearly see that there is no bi-univocal correspondence between linear signifying links or archi-writing, depending on the author, and this multireferential, multidimensional machinic catalysis. The symmetry of scale, the transversality, the pathic non-discursive character of their expansion: all these dimensions remove us from the logic of the excluded middle and reinforce us in our dismissal of the ontological binarism we criticised previously. A machinic assemblage, through its diverse components, extracts its consistency by crossing ontological thresholds, non-linear thresholds of irreversibility, ontological and phylogenetic thresholds, creative thresholds of heterogenesis and autopoiesis. The notion of scale needs to be expanded to consider fractal symmetries in ontological terms.

When David Horrorwitz goes after the nutty profs in Universities he has very poor aim. It's the PoMo's that deserve derision, not the run-of-the-mill academics.

Ah ... and I almost forgot the biggest howler in all the history of fruitcake writing. When a PoMo disciple "proved" that the penis is equal to the square root of minus one.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Wikipedia Favorite Site

A former airplane driver who knows what a perv I am sent me the list of the top 50 wikipedia sites. He knew ... I swear he knew ... exactly which one I would look at first.

And that of course, would be #7 - The List of Sex Positions - illustrated! -see it HERE ....

OK, boogers.

As an opening topic for the meetup Tuesday at the Pub, how many of you can describe, in detail, the following terms, without looking at the page? The winner, if female, gets a date with me. If male, gets a date with VD(J).

Blossoming flower missionary
Butterfly position
Peace sign
The stopperage Hummmmm, no it's not VD's fav, however I do suggest that the Boogers all chip in for a year's supply of Metamucil and Ex-Lax for our anal retentive radio friends.

Viennese Oyster
Reverse cowboy/girl/Reverse Amazon/Nero -- wow ... I am probably too old for this ....

Persuading of the debtor
Playing of the cello
NASCAR -- very fast, just for older people ...
Back handspring meets fellatio - sounds like an act from the Cirque d'Soliel

And of course, the ever popular, --- Phone sex --VD(J)'s favorite

Ain't the net wonderful?

Friday, September 01, 2006

VD(J) on Lucy Lawless

VD says she is a "butch-chick".

I think VD is confusing her with his own sexuality.

How can you be both "butch" and a "chick" at the same time?

I quess it's the same way that VD can be both a butch and a girly-man at the same time.